Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Stinky Face"

If you didn't already know this by now ... Elaina loves books ! As her mother, I love that she loves books !

We read all of the time and she'll even sit and read by herself. I love to see this level of creative, independence blossoming in her so soon. Even when we leave the house and pack a toy bag, it contains minimal toys and an assortment of her favorite books. She'll often carry books to anyone around and want to read. Sometimes her patience doesn't subject herself to the completion of an entire book, but it's only because she has to move on to see what's in the next one.

A recent favorite of ours has become, "I Love You Stinky Face" by Lisa McCourt. The story begins with a young child and her mother reading a book before bedtime and the mother tells her child how much she loves her. Stalling for time, the imaginative child creates unbelievably, silly circumstances asking if this were the case, would mother still love her. Some include her asking if she were a stinky, smelly skunk and people called her "Stinky Face" would mother still love her ? If she were a great big swamp monster with seaweed hanging from her scaly skin - would mother love her ? The mother delivers her answer each time by saying to what extent she would provide her swamp monster (etc.) comfort and concludes by saying she loves her.

The entire book is enjoyable with great pictures and a beautiful story that Elaina never grows tired of. The big sap that I am, I still continue to get a little teary eyed over the mother's never ending love for her wonderful child and know just how she feels !

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