Saturday, October 21, 2006

How Sweet It IS !!

I've been thinking, in all of the time I write about Elaina (afterall, this is her story) I should remember to write about what a great husband I have, who happens to be the best dad around.

Today is Sweetest Day. For what it's worth, we all know that is really nothing more that a deal made between Hallmark and the florists, scheduled on the calendar to promote business during their off-season. Neither Eric, nor I put much emphasis on this day of made up gestures. I guess you can think that we're so non-romantic, or else, just really practical.

So, without flowers, gifts or cards, we celebrated the day for what it was worth - family time ! I failed to write in the previous posts that Eric has been out of town the majority of this week. He was at a gun show last weekend and upon arriving home on Sunday, way past midnight, he packed his bag again Monday morning to leave for work in Cincinnatti until Wednesday night. Needless to say, Elaina and I were both missing him !

For today, we planned a trip to amish country for a little shopping and sightseeing. The best part about today was that we had no time restraints, no agenda and just time to soak in being together. Let's just say that this showed dedication and commitment from Eric's end as there was a Buckeyes game on and it's the beginning of hunting season. In all honesty, a trip to amish country really isn't all that excited to my loving husband. He was there for us, making it especially nice and the very best way to spend our made-up holiday !

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