Monday, October 09, 2006

Perks and Pics !

Ah ... there are only a few advantages of being a government employee. No, we don't get paid much - but we do get alot of holidays off ! Happy Columbus Day everyone ! I'm home today !

Eric's canoe trip involved sleeping outside at their stopping point last night to get back on the water first thing in the morning for Part 2 of his trip. However, his friend who owns a local restaurant, learned very early that his shop had been broken into and he needed to leave immediately. Eric called me around 9 a.m. and said that he and Sam (our neighbor) were going to call it quits too since they were nearby and Jason had to jump ship - literally !

It was nice that I was getting my husband back to enjoy our day together, yet I had already made an appoinment to have Elaina's pictures taken and do some shopping. Her picture appointment went fairly well for a "Mommy's girl." The majority of time we were at the portrait studio, Elaina wanted to cling to me and said, " Mommy, Mommy, Mommee !" I have to tell you that while it's nice feel so wanted, I really wanted to get through our picture appointment ! The photographer was the same one who we have been fortunate to get every last time we've gone, and she is great and amazingly patient. I'll try to post a sneak preview of the pics one day soon.
Elaina posed in her fall outfit from Grandma H. and her Halloween costume too. They turned out way cute and I can't wait to get them back !

On the subject of ordering pictures, let me just relay a quick little story about my wonderful husband...
I decided to have Elaina's pictures taken because she had two cute outfits that I thought would be fun for fall and it's been all of 3 months since her last picture ! ( I know -- a whole 3 months ?) Yeah ... that's what Eric said too. I told him that he should have expected that when we decided to have a child together. That's just what he has to deal with ! I just wanted some frivalous, fun pictures taken of our sweet girl. So moving on ... I come back from a full day out with Elaina and showed him how cute her pictures turned out and which ones I ordered. Without hesitation, he asked, " Is that all you got ?" Agghh ! If I would have gotten any more, he would have questioned why I got so many ! Agghh !! Yeah, I pushed him. Three times. I felt better.

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