Sunday, October 22, 2006

Did anyone lose "Little Miss Moody ?

Because I think that we found her...

It seems as though there has been a baby mix-up ... somehow, somewhere, our darling, sweet, blessed, little angel has gotten switched out for a baby that looks just like her, but has mood-swings that change as often as the wind blows ! Welcome to our day !

Ooh ... I have to edit that wording - welcome to Daddy's day ! Today the weather was cold, rainy and nasty and I had plenty of errands to do, all of which would be much smoother without my shopping assistant, Elaina. Eric was willing to stay home and put in some Daddy-time while I went out shopping - all by myself. When I arrived home many hours later, Elaina was in bed and daddy was on the couch, ready for a nap. He happened to mention that the day didn't go exactly like he had imagined. Baby girl was a baby brat. In fact, somewhere throughout the day, I believe he actually changed her name to Bratsy Sue, because of the way she behaved.
No ... this couldn't be. My little sweetness ?

Bratsy Sue awoke shortly after I had finished putting all of my purchases away and I was ready to spend time with my good girl, fresh from her nap. Trouble was ... there was no "good-girl." Just Bratsy Sue ! Did we misplace the "good one ?"

Who knows what's going on with her little 15-month-old-self. Is she teething ? Is she growing ? Doesn't she feel well ? Does she need more sleep, more food, more toys, more love, more spankings ? What ?!

Her trouble was that she just wasn't content with a single thing around her. Yep - she's one ! My brother assured me that this is completely normal, and he's been waiting for Elaina to slip through the cracks of badness just like every other one year old ! Hold on ... we're in for a BUMPY ride !

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Kate said...

You FINALLY have a normal kid. Up until this point you've had a real angel-- something I totally envy (but let's face it, you DESERVED and easy baby).

I think Elaina is even busier than Colin, if that's possible! Good thing she's so cute. Makes the moodiness tolerable.

Looking forward to seeing you Friday.