Thursday, October 19, 2006

" Stinkin' Feets ! "

Have you ever seen a one year old try to raise her foot in the air in an attempt to sniff her own feet while standing ? Think about that one ...

Over this summer, The Bad Influence Instigator, we'll just call him "Daddy" for the sake of being efficient, told Elaina that her sweaty-sandle-feet "Stink !" She thought it was hilarious when he or I would have to take off her sandles at the end of the day and smell her "stinkin' piggies !" Each time, Eric would hold her feet to his face (seriously - that was too close - people in the next town could smell her feet ! ) and say "smell those Stinkin' feets !" She giggled for all she was worth and grabbed her feet to her face.

Tonight, (thank the Lord that stinkin'-sandle-feet-days are behind us), Eric was teasing Elaina about her "Stinkin piggies" to get her reaction. He raised her foot to his nose and then asked her to smell them while she was standing up. She tried with all of her might to keep her balance and raise her foot in the air to no avail. She thought this was even more funny that she was wobbling back and forth that she fell to the ground in a fit of giggles and ankle grabbing ! So funny !

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Anonymous said...

Hello Laurie. I could not help but remember you and your brother when you were small doing the same stinky feet ritual. What memories returned when I read of your activities with our great granddaughter. It seems like only a very short tme ago when we did the same with our own family. Alas and alack when ours were small it has been a lotlonger ago, than we wish to remember. Tomorrow, Sunday is your brother's birthday, and our 60th wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone? We will leave after church tomorrow and take the motorhome to the beach to celebrate. We will stay 9 days and come back Nov. 1. All for now and love you all, Gramdpa Wade