Sunday, October 15, 2006

Must need the Zzzz's...

Grandma and grandpa are headed home today. With so much activity yesterday with the walk-a-thon and shopping in the evening, all of us are pooped !

As we sat down to enjoy a delicious lunch together, Elaina began throwing her food to the floor and was generally discontent. Knowing that this wasn't a battle worth fighting, I picked her up from her highchair without a word and took her to her bed. Barely 2 minutes of sobbing passed and all was quiet. We enjoyed our lunch together and Elaina enjoyed her second nap of the day. ( The first one being on grandpa's lap as grandma and I attended church. )

It was unfortunate that my mom and dad weren't able to say goodbye to Elaina, but I think she was better off dreaming about them at that point. I was able to clean up the kitchen and begin some laundry before I heard the jibber-jabber of my littlel angel from upstairs. She seemed to be in a better mood and was even willing to eat a late lunch - happily. After filling her belly, I took her in the other room to play and noticed that she just seemed even more tired when only an hour had passed. Exhausting my efforts into trying to entertain her, I decided that I was worn out too, and took her upstairs to cuddle on our bed and veg out to some cartoons. Two and a half hours later, I woke up and had to wake Sleeping Beauty ! Whoa ... Girlfriend slept a total of about 4 hours in the middle of the day !

Our evening was much more enjoyable as we laughed together and played. Incredibly, she went down for the night only an hour later than usual ! What a good growing girl !

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