Saturday, October 28, 2006

Family Matters

Lucky for us, we all recovered nicely from last night's partying ! Even better, we plan to spend plenty of time visiting with our family. The thing I love most about this weekend is that we don't necessarily have any time frames to squeeze into or any scheduled commitments. The only plan we have is to fill our weekend with family time, seeing both sets of grandparents and some aunts and uncles.

My mom and I started our day out by dropping Elaina off at Grandma and Grandpa W.'s house and then spent a few hours shopping. Grandma and Grandpa W. didn't seem to mind since they haven't seen Elaina in a while. They were more than ready to squeeze her with some warm hugs and give her plenty of kisses. I was glad that Elaina wasn't part of our shopping team since the wind gusts were so strong today that they could have carried away any 6 year -old off their feet. It was a stinky, cruddy, weather day.

After a few hours of scouring the mall, we all joined together for a fabulous lunch at City Barbeque. Eric and I are so fortunate that both sets of our parents get along very well and make it so easy to get together to visit. God knows that they have spent numerous hours together in the hospital waiting rooms on plenty of occasions. All of us have been through alot together and we've all grown closer as a result. Neither have ever made us feel like we're walking a tight rope of balancing our time equally between both sides and we've never had to deal with anyone being uncomforatable about being together. I realize that we are all lucky and I feel blessed to have such great parents in our lives. Another giant bonus is that Elaina gets to see the interaction and friendship between her grandparents and gets passed around to even more people ready to dole out the hugs.

I've probably never put it into words before, but to our mom's and dad's -
Thanks for being so great and accomodating all that we do. We both appreciate you more than you know !

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