Thursday, October 05, 2006

Motormouth !

I love it ! Elaina has finally put her feet into motion and is beginning to push her way around the floor on her 4 wheeler ! Previously, she has propped her feet up on the cup holder to let us know that she was ready to roll. Whew ... talk about a backache after hovering over her, pushing her throughout the living room and kitchen ! Oh, and all the while making Vvvmmm-vmm! and beep-beep noises !

Tonight, she climbed onto her bike and pushed herself a little bit forward and alot backward until she backed herself into a dead end (the recliner). All the while, she provided her own unique car noises. ( Notice her puckered lips - she was revving her motor!)

And on the subject of cars ... Aunt Kate and Uncle Greg bought toys for all of Colin's guests at his baptism a few weeks back. (Thanks again guys !) One of Elaina's gifts was a set of colorful, mini, rubber cars. Elaina liked them immediately ! She continues to play with her cars at home and right away, was able to provide her own car sound effects. This surprised me until I remembered that she plays with a little boy named Maddox, at the babysitter's house. He waits patiently each morning that he is there for Elaina Rose to arrive. ( He's all of 4 and refers to her by her full name !) They play "cars" together ! That's how she knows car noises. How cute !

So Greg and Kate - I think that in all fairness, this means that I'm allowed to buy Colin dolls !

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Kate said...

Feel free. I'd love for Colin to get in touch with his sensitive side. Something to temper his need to bite!

(BTW the only reason we have the shopping cart is because he LOVES to push baby buggies... but a cart looks a little less girly!)