Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Short Stories

I'm afraid that I have let some funny and cute Elaina stories fall by the wayside in the past few days of storytelling. Here's my attempt to catch up to speed in her many adventures.

* Elaina love the " Noggin " network which claims to be " like preschool on tv" for toddlers. I have to admit that I enjoy their programming very much and I have often heard Eric whistling some familiar cartoon theme songs as well ! I have sat down with Elaina to check out on the computer and now, she can't get enough. She runs like a banshee into the den and climbs on the chair and pulling at the mouse, she says, " Noggie !" So cute ! So she knows that she can get her fill of "Noggie" on the tv and on the computer too. This makes her so happy !

* The other night, Elaina was talking to Keegan and held his paw. As she said " Hi Keegey !, " Eric told her to give Keegan a kiss. She happily complied and crept up to Keegan's long nose and softly gave him a peck. I love that she gives kisses easily and loves her brother (dog, whatever) so much. Also, Keegan and Elaina have been great playmates. They respect each other's toys and have never overstepped their boundaries. Lucky for us !

* About Elaina's kisses ... she loves to give kisses. She has recently begun to close her mouth with each kiss, preventing the slobber-face-open-mouth- contact she had graced us with previously.

* When Elaina's bedtime approaches, I sit with her and hold her close. We read several books together and then sit together until she falls asleep. Lately, she says "book, book, book" over and over again begins to cry if she doesn't get her fill of books read to her. Seriously, I have never seen a child be so attached to books like that ever. This is something I am very pleased with and will do my best to promote. However, after reading her 10 books between mommy and daddy, I think we have to draw the line for bedtime.

* Finally, each and every morning, our routine is for me to get Elaina from her crib in the morning, give her her first hug of the day and take her into snuggle with her daddy before I get into the shower. Each morning, I am met with Elaina's open arms and her saying, "Dadda ! Mommy ! Keegy !" When she finally greets Eric in his arms, she either says "Noggie" or "book." The girl knows what she wants and knows how to ask for it !

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