Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby Food Boot Camp

Elaina will be turning the big "01" next month and I am beginning to worry that we haven't been exposing her to enough table food lately. She has a whopping 7 teeth already that could be put to good use. (Other than grinding ! ) I bought her the 3rd stage of baby food which she clearly didn't like. Luckily, my friend, Beth, told me not to be concerned because none of her 3 girls cared for the 3rd foods either. So, in that respect, my mind is at ease yet, I realize that we need to begin pushing other foods that she may like and be able to handle.

At this point, she has a special fondness for pancakes, potato chips, cheese, crackers, fruit and veggie puffs and Arrowroot cookies. Oh yeah, she loves a little trickle of Pepsi from the end of my straw occasionally. ( I know, I know -- I never should have started that ! ) That's just the beginning. Each day, I am making the commitment to introduce something new for her to try and work those chompers for what they're meant for - not grinding !

All is going well so far. Only two gagging/ choking incidents to report and those took place nearly a month ago. Each time was on an Arrowroot cookie. Apparently, she loves them so much, she wants to consume it all at one time. Both events, she was able to correct herself with a little help and neither of us remain scarred from any choking trauma. Thank The Lord !

Of course, Elaina needs to feed herself - with her own fingers. Her eating habits leave much to be desired. The food goes in for the initial tasting / identification process. The food comes back out to see how much slobber can stick to the food. The food goes back in for one chew and then back out for a slippery, slide down her chin to see how much gunk can accumulate underneath her chin. All of this pretty much ensures that there is bound to be an additional meal in the bottom of her highchair in the end. The funny part is that I laughed when I found out my brother keeps a shopvac near Colin's highchair for this same reason. Hmmm ... Don't knock it till you try it ! There's some wisdom in that idea.

* Please don't judge me or my baby by the fancy hairstyle she is sporting - bathtime was next on the agenda. Note the puff going down the front of her shirt ! She usually is wearing a bib - this was just a snack !

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Grandma H. said...

Some things that you liked at age 11 months were Cheerios (we didn't have fruit puffs or vegetable puffs), banana slices, thin slices of soft apple, watermelon, canteloupe, french cut green beans, small pieces of hot dog or bologna, cheese, toast and jelly and macaroni and cheese. (And of course sloppy chicken sandwiches.)After Greg discovered that peas could roll and be thrown, I never wasted my time trying to feed them to you.