Saturday, June 17, 2006

Little Big Winner

Elaina's big prize !!

Now Elaina can finally carry her load around this house and help with repairs ! She has won her very own 205 piece tool set !! This afternoon our local lumber yard hosted an open house since it has been purchased by new owners. Eric needed some supplies and I hadn't ever been there even though it's right across the street. On top of that, they were serving hot dogs and refreshments and had door prizes. Lucky for us because I hadn't really felt the urge to cook lunch for us yet ( I did make marvelous french toast for breakfast) and we needed an excuse to take a walk and soak up the sunshine. Just as we arrived they were drawing names for the door prizes and encouraged me to sign up. I quickly ran over and filled out entries for the three of us and they allowed me to slip them in the box just before the next name was pulled. Imagine my surprise when they drew Elaina's name !! She won a tool set ! Yes, it was just what she needed - we would have never thought to get that for her on our own.

We happily claimed her prize and celebrated by chowing down on some hot dogs, chips and cookies. As we enjoyed our picnic and visited with some friends, they drew the next batch of names. ERIC !! He won a 100 foot, heavy duty extension cord ! Exactly what he needed ! In the same round of lucky winners, last but not least, they drew my name. Yes ! I won a leather billed logo hat and a giant yellow car magnet to support our troops. The hat got passed on to a friend of ours but the magnet is still up for dibs. What a lucky day !

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