Sunday, June 25, 2006

In The Dark...

I apologize for not keeping up with new Elaina stories over the past few days. We can collectively blame it on our tornadic thunderstorm from Thursday night. In truth, a tornado was actually said to have touched down in the town right next to us. Our power got zapped from our homes at approximately 6:15 pm, thus, keeping us all in the dark. No power - no blog !

The above picture was taken from our front bedroom window. One of the beautiful, old, landmark trees had gotten struck by lightning and came down into the middle of the street. If it hadn't been for the power lines to halt it's descent, it would have landed on our neighbor's house. In the middle of his rooftop no less.

I never thought I would be so affected by the loss of a tree, but it was with sad remorse that I watched them cut down that hundred year old tree in just a matter of hours. The work crew and their big trucks and chainsaws were on sight until nearly 11:00pm that night. It was sad to see that a century of growth could be turned into sawdust in just a few hours time.

It looks like we'll have to adjust to a less scenic view as we make our way through our sleepy little town. There won't be another tree like that for decades to come !

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