Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mom : Re-invented

I don't often prefer to show my mug shot on Elaina's story, but there is a reason this time. I've made a change and all of my long-distance readers will just have to wait to see what that change has been when I see you again.

Hmmm.... what could it be ?

Today, I conned Eric into coming to the mall with me and Elaina and spending a family day out of the house. It was a cool, rainy day so we hit the stores. We snacked on some soft pretzels in the food court and we witnessed a little girl go missing from the Stride-Rite store as her parents lost her for nearly 5 minutes. Fortunately, they found her in the middle of the mall carrying a bag of Robeez shoes in tow. This tells me that 1.) Stride Rite doesn't have very much security in regard to their merchandise and 2.) this little girl, maybe all of 3, got a spanking for her careless parents failing to keep her in sight. If you have ever been in a Stride Rite store, you know that they aren't that big and the display shelving isn't high and with 2 parents present, they should have adequate coverage over their one child. I really shouldn't bash them too bad - I was glad that their search ended quickly and successfully, and it was a reality-check for the dangers of Elaina becoming a walker soon.

Parents : be on guard - watch your kids ! That was a situation I would never wish upon any parent !

2 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

We have to wait?! It is darker hair? Short cut? Umm... spray-on tan? Nose ring? Tattoo? My mind is really starting to go downhill...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... that's the beauty of the blog - you get to be in charge of the story !

Here's a hint : nothing I did is irreversible. I'll post a current photo one of these days !

- Laura