Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now I know

Even after 11 1/2 months I still find it hard to be away from my little girl. I accept the fact that she'll be at the babysitter's house during the daytime while we're at work and that's a decision that we've become accustom to. However, I still have a problem with leaving her in the evening to go on a date with my husband and our grown-up friends.

We've gotten an invitation to join our friends for dinner on Friday and while the restaurant has great food, the service stinks and it's not especially kid- friendly. The fact is, on previous dinner's at this certain restaurant, we've spent as long as 4 hours there ! Some of that time is eating of course, but the majority of the time is waiting for our food and visiting with our "gang" of friends. Yet, we continue to go there because they have the best salads and pizza I have ever tasted -- and the company is always enjoyable. I guess that sometimes as a parent, you have to make decisions of what is most fair to your baby rather than exactly what course of action you would prefer.

So, now I know that I will probably never be comfortable with making the decision to leave our baby for the evening. I had to surrender myself to accept that Eric and I really allowed to enjoy an adults- only evening out every now and then. And now I know that I will always have to let Eric be the one to call the babysitter to make arrangements, because this mom's guilt complex will sometimes override her practical sensibility and ability to let go.

My apologies to Elaina's grandma's and grandpa's. You're welcome to come and visit anytime as long as you want - but I can't quite part with our Sweetness for very long periods of time yet. Check with me when she reaches her " terrible two's" - I may have had a change of heart by then.

And now you know.

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