Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How Old ?

One !!
That's how old Elaina will be !

I have to confess ... I am a sucker for buying things for Elaina ! I have never wanted anything more than a little girl to spoil like crazy and my plan is finally coming into fruition. On our shopping trip last night, I bought Elaina her birthday present. It's a bean-bag stuffed armchair with a cute Cabbage Patch Kids pattern all over it. I'm not usually into commercial- themed merchandise, but I saw this chair and new that she had to have it. The pattern was tasteful, not tacky and I had been looking for a chair such as this, just perfect for her size. I sat her into her new comfy nest of a chair and she smiled a big grin and began to bounce ! I guess that is her seal of approval. So, it looks like her birthday present from her mom and dad has arrived early and we'll just have to keep buying her stuff along the way. Oh darn.

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grandma H. said...

Laura, just a week and a half until the big first birthday -- just enough time to teach Elaina how to blow out candles instead of eat them. Are you up for the challenge?