Monday, June 12, 2006

New Toy

A climbing bridge / table/ teeter- totter ? Yeah !!

What a great 3 -in- one toy we found for Sweetness ! This handy little contraption is indeed a fine work of toy manufacturing ingenuity. Elaina loves it and it seems like there is enough variety in one item for her not to get bored.

This piece, however, will not be staying at our house for the summer. We bought it to go over to the babysitter's house for Elaina to enjoy some outside fun and playtime. The other kids that Elaina's sitter had watched are all at home for the summer with their teacher mom's. Poor Elaina's mom gets the unfortunate pleasure of working year round. So, the good news is that Elaina is the only kid at the sitter's house. The bad news is that Elaina is the only kid at the sitter's house. I like the fact the she gets to soak up all of the love and attention, yet, she'll be missing out on the playtime and interaction with the other kids. Also, I liked that the attention was shared so that she grows accustom to taking turns and learning patience. In the meantime, Nancy (Elaina's sitter) has made arrangements for her grandkids to come over during the day for a week or two at a time. Her grandson, Gavin, is only a few weeks older than Elaina and so darn cute ! I love that they get a chance to play togehter and learn from one another.

Oh well - 2 more months and her playmates will be back to join the fun.

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