Sunday, June 25, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel ...

The light and the tunnel that I am referring to is my parents' house, of course. Our town is still without power with rumors that it may not be on until Monday !

Okay - I'll just admit it ... I like having electricity ! I can't live without it ! Think about it : 3 days with no power, a toddler to entertain and feed, and NO POWER ! I threw in the towel - it's off to grandma and grandpa's house !

I really hadn't made up my mind to leave for the weekend until I contemplated the grim reality of what my weekend would really be like if I were to stay at home. No fun. Oh yeah, and Friday morning I had to pack my bags for work with my hairdryer and curling iron to do my hair in the bathroom at work. I couldn't take it any more! I easily talked myself into spending the weeekend away. Eric was committed to assisting with a concert in our area all day Saturday and I would be back on Sunday to spend some time together.

My parents happily welcomed the Princess and myself and Keegan too. They were so much looking forward to seeing her and being witness to her new achievement of walking. To make things even better was the fact that my grandparents had made their way up from their home in Florida to visit for the summer. They were more than ready to get their hands on their great-granddaughter !

Elaina melted great- grandma immediately ! Within minutes of their arrival, she stretched out her arms to give great-grandma a hug. That wasn't the case with great-grandpa. She took some time to warm up to him, but she ended up snuggled in his arms by the end of the day. What a lucky girl to be surrounded by adoring grandparents all weekend long !

Saturday, the grandma's, Elaina and myself shopped and later joined Eric's parents for lunch. Grandma W. couldn't resist the sweet, charm of Elaina and pulled out her birthday present early ! ( her parents had the same trouble ! ) Grandma and grandpa W. were happy to get some play time with their girl before the big birthday celebration scheduled at their house next weekend.

I think it's safe to say that we all had a very enjoyable weekend with all of our family and that we couldn't have even come close to that kind of joy if we had stayed here in the dark !

And just for the record ... we finally got electricity at 12:30 am on Sunday morning !

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