Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Lately, Elaina has been having some bouts with the "fussies." I am guessing ( and hoping ) that is just involving her cutting in her one year molars. And just for her benefit, let's just say that she is playing more and wearing herself more by the end of the day.

In the evenings, we've been met by a sweet, little girl when she is picked up at the babysitter's house and then by 6:30 - she evolves into a little crank. She gets reckless and walks around like a little ADD maniac as she gets into everything until the whining ensues. After 5 minutes and a hug from mom or dad - she's all better until Round 2. This behavior is truly out of the ordinary. It doesn't seem to be every night - but the pattern is certainly become more frequent. For the past 4 months, she has been on a regular nap schedule at the babysitter's house where she'll sleep for 2-3 consecutive hours. This is all she gets until bedtime at 8:00pm.

So at this point, Eric and I are just hoping that this will be just a phase and we'll get our little sweetheart back soon !

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Kate said...

Can we trade? *smile* You are right about it not being normal kid behavior. What you have there is an angel!