Saturday, June 10, 2006

You Should Be in Pictures !

Seriously, have you ever seen a more lovable girl ? ( Okay - I am 100% biased ! )

Tonight, Elaina climbed into the recliner using her new toy as a step rather than Keegan this time. After climbing to see what was on the backside of the chair, she made herself comfortable in her model pose. I swear that she positioned herself without any help from this shutter happy photographer. How cute !

Now... can anyone explain to me why she can strike this sweet-as-an-angel-pose at home, in her pajamas at 7:30 before bedtime, yet when we get to the portrait studio for professional portraits - we get a mixed bag of unsure smiles and awkward baby poses ?

Can anyone photoshop a new background and some angel wings for us ?

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grandma H said...

Some children just won't smile for a professional photographer. The only way my daughter would smile for a picture was if her brother was in the picture with her. I had to wait until she was about three before she would smile when she was all by herself.