Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mama Strike

"Dada. Dadda. Daddee." That's all I ever hear at my house. Elaina talks about her daddy all of the time. It seems as though she has forgotten how to say "Mama." (Brat.)

Eric thinks it's hilarious when he prompts her to say mama - she says daddy with her giant, silly smile and they laugh together ! (Brat x's 2 ) Elaina came across a photo cube that can record a 20 second voice message. I filled the whole 20 seconds by saying mama. mama, mommy over and over again. (It's pretty irritating even to me, but I'm hoping she'll get the reminder.) Her little finger is constantly pressing the button, yet have I heard any new "mama's" uttered from her little mouth ? NO !

Now, don't get me wrong, she hasn't lost any affection for her mom - but her recent memory lapse of saying my name has left my ego a little bit bruised !

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Kate said...

Yeah-- Colin points at me and says Daddy and then laughs his little impish laugh because he knows it irks me... but when he REALLY wants something, he knows who to call!