Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bouncin' Baby !

Since Elaina has made the transition to being on her feet all of the time, her little legs and feet are constantly moving. Even when she's relaxed. As I was feeding her bedtime bottle, she got a little case of the kickies. As she lay across my lap, her knees begin to bend and bounce and she started moving her feet, touching the bottoms to everything in her reach. Her body has been overcome by walking and she can't stop. It's like when you turn off your car engine and the motor lets out a final rumble.

Another cause for Baby Girl to bounce is her new love. It's a love of music. Reggae music to be precise. During Eric's sports show that he usually watches while feeding her dinner, a commercial for Red Stripe beer comes on with Reggae music as the theme. The minute she hears the first beat of the song, she makes eye contact and smiles her giant baby- food smile and she begins to bounce in her highchair.

So, if you have the misfortune to enter our kitchen at this time, be prepared to see the three of us bouncing along in our seats to the Red Stripe commercial. Thank God for the Reggae music channel on digital cable ! Honestly - she seems to like all music but the bouncin' type is really the most fun.

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