Friday, June 16, 2006

It's a Date

Tonight was the night that Eric and I joined our friends for an adults-only night out. From the picture above, you can see that Elaina was walking her bag right to the door as she was ready to go. ( She was able to carry the bag herself until I jammed it full of her favorite toys for the evening. ) If you look closely, you can see how she has the strap across her shoulder - just like her mother; the bag lady.

Our neighbors were anxious to spend the evening with Elaina. Two of their three girls were home for the evening and they couldn't wait to spend some time with the "baby." Elaina took to all of them immediately, except for Jeff - the dad. He's really one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and has 3 girls of his own and his personality is similar to Eric's. We're all puzzled why Elaina has yet to make peace with our pal. Regardless, they all commented on how good she was and how much they enjoyed having her. That's good for this mom to hear !

As far as our date night - we had a great time. I think I could eat at that restaurant until I burst. Seriously, for a little dumpy-dive of a place, it holds it's regulars and the pizza and secret-salad -dressing-recipe are to die for ! We went along with 2 other couples and while we waited, we played the Newlywed game. A while back, I had purchased the game which basically consists of a question book for the men and women and some dry erase boards and markers to write your answers. At the restaurant, we made due with the question book and sheets of paper- the much more portable version. It was alot of fun. I can't say that Eric and I won - but we did come in 3rd place. ( Remember how there were only 2 other couples - go figure.) The winners have married for over 30 years and the 2nd place couple are close to 15 years together. I can say that we all had fun and we didn't lose by too much ! Apparently, the things we do know about each other weren't the questions being asked.

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