Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Confirmed ...

Elaina is a professional WALKER !!

A few weeks back I announced that she was well on her way and the past few days she has been on her feet more than on her hands and knees. She is enjoying her new freedom as she is able to actually hold and carry things around with her and she has begun to redecorate our house as she moves things into totally new places.

Since Sunday, she has put in a full - blown effort into practicing her new skill of walking. She started out looking like a mini- drunkard as she took short, fast steps before she fell to the ground. Each day she would take longer strides and her she was able to relax her arms more, rather than bent at her elbows and hands in the air. What a cutie !

Way to go Elaina !!!

1 Welcome Comments:

Greg said...

Woohoo! Welcome to a whole new level of baby-proofing.

Now you have to get some good pictures while she's still doing the baby-Frankenstein walk.