Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Refreshments Anyone ?

Now serving ice cold water. Can I get you anything to drink ? I have added a special flavor to it all on my own !

As if eating table food and drinking juice from a sippy cup weren't enough, Elaina has moved onto drinking from her own little cup ! I didn't quite say that she is exceptionally good at drinking from her own little cup - but she is doing it ! Actually, she is quite good for a beginner. We had just come back from a walk with a friend of mine and since Elaina finished all of her juice at dinnertime, I offered her some water in her own cup. She has taken many a sip from my glass, so I figured maybe she was ready for her own. I could see the excitement in her face as I made the offer of her own beverage. She took some sips, swished her hand around for good measure and then after some more drinks - she dumped it on the floor. All done, Mom ! Oh yeah... and then she burped !

She's her daddy's girl for sure !

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Grandma H. said...

I love the pictures in this weeks blogs. Elaina's hair is getting so long. She is almost ready for two little ponytails on that cute little head.