Saturday, June 03, 2006

Keegan & the Monkey

Well ... knowing that Keegan is the name of our dog; you can pretty much tell who the "monkey" is in this photo.

Elaina is one determined little girl. She wanted to be on the sofa and so she got herself on the sofa. With a little help from her friend, of course. Afterall, why else would he be sitting right there other than to lend Elaina a paw.

Today, we neglected all responsibilities and had a play day. Eric spent most of the day riding his 4-wheeler with his friends and Elaina and I barely left the house and enjoyed a playdate together. Throughout the week we rarely get enough time just to sit around and be silly - so this was the day.

So what's new with Elaina ? I'll tell you... I am grateful that her teeth grinding was only temporary. She seems to have forgotten the grind as quick as she picked it up. She is, however, the Queen of Jibber-Jabber. Many times, she will just go off on a rant of babytalk in a very matter-of-fact tone. It cracks us up everytime. She will talk out the story in her book, she will converse with her binky and she may even have the solution for global warming. Who knows ? Her ramblings are enough to make you want to believe that she has deep thoughts going on inside her tiny, little girl-self. I prefer to believe that she is a genius in the making ! Just ask her - she'll be sure to tell you what's going on !

Her newest word is, "Uh-oh." Sometimes it comes out more like, "oh-oh" but we get the hint. She drops her book and "uh-oh." She falls on her tushie and, "uh-oh." I love to hear when she uses it in the proper context. She is funny ! Sometimes we get jibber-jabber-ramble-ramble followed with "uh-oh."

Recently, she has learned to point to Mommy, Daddy and Elaina's noses and mouths when prompted. She'll point to the ceiling fan in her bedroom and she has learned the rolling motion for pat-a-cake. She spent a couple minutes today "rollin-it" before she could "mark it with an 'E'" for the pat-a-cake song. Even when we weren't singing, her floppy, little arms were rollin' it.

This mom is going to roll out for now .... I am behind on my posting !

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