Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sick Puppy !

This is one entry that doesn't happen to revolve around our beloved girl. In fact, consider this a disclaimer of gross content to follow ...

Last night I was having a dream about something which had produced the most intense, foul smelling odor ever realized . The stench I was dreaming about was literally making my stomach turn. I woke from my stinky dreamland, disturbed by the smell, and realized that it was a reality afterall. I knew that Elaina wasn't capable of producing that type of obscene odor and followed my nose downstairs to where Keegan sleeps. There it was. I wished I was still dreaming. Keegan had yacked about four days of consumption all over his bedroom. ( We consider his bedroom the front foyer which houses his dog bed on a tile floor. Making any doggie accidents easier to clean up.)

Although it was 2:30 a.m. I knew that I couldn't pretend not to see and smell what I had witnessed. I marched right back upstairs and woke Eric to tell him that "his dog" had been sick. As I pinched my nose so tightly that it could have easily broken off, Eric and I tried to hold back our urge to hurl too. This was by far, the worst stench I had ever encountered. After almost an entire roll of paper towels, a fitted sheet and a towel had been disposed of with all of just about the entire content of Keegan's stomach, we scrubbed up and headed to bed.

Wishful to return to our warm bed, we were closing in on 3 a.m. and Elaina lets out a cheerful "Dadda." Eric and I immediately freeze and hardly even breathe so not to make any noise. We let 20 minutes go by, still holding our noses because neither of us remembered to bring the air freshener upstairs, and Elaina gets more lively rather than sleepy. We finally gave in to picking her up after listening to a fair amount of rambling with a "mommy" and "daddy" thrown in for good measure and she began to bang on her crib rail. She was serious about getting out. Eric lay her in bed between us and she asked for "book" and "Noggie." Unfortunately, neither of her selfish, sleep-deprived parents were willing to read books at 3:30 and Noggin doesn't begin their preschool programming until 6 a.m. Eric turned on the tv on for her and she enjoyed at least 2 -fifteen - year -old episodes of The Cosby Show. It's possible that each of us got at least a few good hours of sleep near the 5 o'clock hour.

I guess the only relevance of this whole entry to be posted in Elaina's blog is for her to reference in her future. The message I want her to receive is that I want her to marry someone who is willing to help clean up dog yack with her at 2:30 in the morning ! Don't settle for anything less ! Elaina has a fine father who sets a perfect example of what a real man is.

2 Welcome Comments:

grandma h. said...

You definitely have a keeper. Your father, God love him, would never have even considered getting out of bed to help me clean up dog mess even if I did have to go the work the next morning just the same as he did. In fact even today if the dog gets sick he just covers it up with a paper towel and waits for me to get home to clean it up. You had better appreciate what a great husband you've got.

Grandma W said...

Hope Keegan feels better soon.